Green Sapphire Engagement Rings - really?

Green Sapphire Engagement Rings - really?

Going Green 

Green might not be the first color you think of when you are shopping for sapphires. But, it’s time to recognize that they are a beautiful option to the more traditional blue sapphires as well as other gems like diamonds and rubies. 

Sapphires come in pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange. They are a member of the corundum family and is rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. For comparison, diamonds have a score of 10 out of 10. Pure sapphires are clear. Green sapphires have iron in them, making them especially hard.  

Gems are often associated with energy, and green sapphires have an energy that makes them good choices as gifts. Green sapphires have energy that helps people show compassion and empathy.  green sapphire and diamond engagement ring in rose gold

Gifting Green Sapphires

If you are in the market for an alternative engagement ring, consider a sapphire. They are considered growth crystals that showcase nature's power that moves the energy of creation and development. Green sapphires draw energy from the earth to maintain a journey and keep it on schedule. When you consider that marriages are journeys through life, green sapphires truly symbolize the idea of keeping that journey on a positive track. 

Green sapphires also represent other necessities in a marriage: peace and calm. They also stand for trust and integrity. Consider that Queen Victoria of England loved green gems, and when she wore them exuded love and integrity. You show your love when you give a green sapphire to your future spouse. 

Because green sapphires represent so many desirable qualities, they are also ideal gifts to give for anniversary or birthday gifts. Since green sapphires represent the life journey, they also make the perfect gift for a push present. Who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a gift that symbolizes so many ideals? 

Choosing Green Sapphires

While shopping for a green sapphire engagement ring in Australia or an anniversary gift, consider buying a loose stone and having it set to your standards. Green sapphires can be cut just like a diamond, but the most popular are cushion, emerald, oval, and round. Along with choosing a beautiful cut, you should look for a shade of green that you truly love. If you purchase a loose stone, you can find the flaws or inclusions, but if you purchase one that is already set, the setting might hide flaws.

Like any gem, green sapphires make beautiful earrings. To ensure that they match, check the colors and size side by side. Along with earrings and rings, green sapphires also make the perfect pendant on a necklace. Green sapphires energize the heart chakra at the breastbone. According to the Vedas, the heart chakra controls our interactions with the world around us and giving us balance when interacting with the environment.

Whether you give a green sapphire as a birthday gift, engagement ring, or push present, you can trust that the gem you choose represents positive energy for maintaining relationships and compassion, creating balance, and boosting empathy. 

green sapphire and diamond engagement ring