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unique wedding bands

Wedding Rings

Your wedding may only last for a day, but your marriage - and a unique wedding ring that symbolises it - will last a lifetime. At Vinny & Charles we create unique wedding bands that are simple, timeless and beautiful. Just like your marriage.
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Alternative Wedding Rings Handcrafted in Australia

The wedding rings of you and your spouse are arguably the most important pieces of jewellery you’ll wear in your life. They symbolise one of the strongest loves and commitments we make to each other as human beings. If you find that the rings available on the market aren’t exactly your style, you’re not alone. The designs are often generic and similar and don’t express any individuality or personality. 

At Vinny & Charles, we offer an alternative. We handcraft unique wedding rings inspired by nature, with designs that help you stand out and express your personality and style. We have wedding bands for him and her, catering to all ring sizes and crafting all pieces specifically for you, with engravings available on many options. With worldwide delivery available, you can find your perfect wedding rings online with Vinny & Charles no matter where you are in the world.

How to Choose a Wedding Ring

There are several things to take into account when you make a purchase this special, so here are our top tips on picking the perfect ring for just you.

  • Start by choosing a budget before you go and fall in love with a ring you can’t afford. Having a budget in mind can also help you narrow down your search. We cater to many budget levels at Charles & Vinny because everyone deserves the wedding ring of their dreams.
  • Choose a design you love and are sure of. Trends come and go, and what might be fashionable now won’t be forever. What catches your eye now might be boring you ten years from now. Choose a wedding ring you absolutely love and will continue to be happy with, that’s what’s most important. Don’t get distracted by the opinions of other people or settle for something you’re unsure about.
  • Take your personal style into consideration and pick a design that feels like you. Choose something that will complement and fit in with the clothes and jewellery you regularly wear. Go for something that speaks to you and fits your personality. At Vinny & Charles, we’re experts at providing couples with unique wedding bands that fit who they are.
  • If you have an engagement ring, choose a wedding band that complements it. Since they’ll be worn on the same finger, they shouldn’t clash when it comes to design and colour. Having your engagement ring as a starting point is also a great way to get ideas and inspiration and choose between different rings you like.

Choose Vinny & Charles

The jewellery we sell is of the highest quality, made of solid gold and silver and with the finest craftsmanship, ensuring durability. We’re also a sustainable option, using recycled and ethically sourced materials and planting a tree for every order placed. We’re dedicated to customer service, being here for you every step of the way. Australian and international tracked shipping is included, and all jewellery comes with a 90-day returns policy. Choosing Vinny & Charles means choosing unique, high-quality and sustainable wedding rings. Browse our collection and buy your wedding rings from us.
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diamond leaf wedding band in rose gold diamond leaf wedding band rose gold

Diamond Leaf Wedding Ring

From $713.00
rose gold chevron wedding ring on hand rose gold chevron wedding ring on granite background

Chevron Wedding Ring

twig wedding band in rose gold rose gold twig wedding band

Twig Wedding Band

From $462.00
chevron diamond wedding ring with milgrain on hand rose gold and diamond curved wedding ring on white background

Chevron Diamond Beaded Wedding Ring

diamond curved leaf wedding band rose gold curved diamond leaf wedding ring in rose gold

Curved Diamond Leaf Wedding Ring

From $713.00