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We strongly recommend that you obtain appropriate and adequate insurance for your jewellery with a local reputable supplier.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to the 'appraisal value' of a piece of jewellery is that it is most commonly used for insurance purposes, with the value given being the 'retail replacement value' which would be the cost to remake the ring should anything happen to it such as theft or loss etc.

This differs from country to country, however if you decided for any reason that you would like to sell your ring, when you take it to the average high street jeweller in most cases they would buy the ring from you at below gold price and below the cost of what they could purchase the diamonds for 'scrap value". Generally diamonds below 0.40ct approximately are not certified due to it not being practical or cost effective.
The buy back value in most cases would not be reflective of a 'fair' price as it does not include any of the labour, shipping and various other costs that were factored into the original selling price of the item. 
Please note that the above information is general only and laws, rules and procedures differ between states and countries. We recommend consulting a local professional who can give you advice relevant to your personal situation.

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