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Nature Inspired Wedding Rings

If you’d like a wedding ring that stands out from the usual designs and is just as unique as you, consider one with a more intricate and floral design.
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42 products


42 products

About Our Floral Inspired Wedding Rings

At Vinny & Charles, we specialise in nature inspired wedding rings and engagement rings, handcrafting our unique designs using the highest quality materials. A wedding ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, and one of the most important pieces of jewellery you’ll ever own. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect piece that matches your style and personality. 

Our rings allow you the opportunity to stay away from plain bands and generic designs by incorporating flowers, leaves and gemstones. With a dedication to customer service and free tracked international shipping, we make the process of purchasing a wedding ring as easy and comfortable as possible. We even offer a 90-day return policy if you’ve made the wrong choice. Don’t compromise on quality, sustainability and individuality, get your wedding ring from Vinny & Charles.

Our Story

Chris and Melody are a South African husband and wife team that started working together in 2010, running Chris’ jewellery business together. They later moved to Australia and opened another jewellery business in 2016; a brand where they could express their passion for ethical, sustainable and accessible jewellery of the highest quality and with unique, timeless designs. This business is Vinny & Charles. Chris has over 15 years of experience in the jewellery industry and Melody has owned small businesses since 2008. Together, they’re dedicated to making premium-quality unique jewellery accessible to everyone.

Handcrafted, High-Quality Nature Inspired Wedding Rings

Our jewellery is handcrafted and hand-finished at our studio in Perth, Australia, where we make each piece to order. This means there is often the opportunity to personalise your ring by adding an engraving or changing the number or type of gemstones on the ring. In only 2-3 weeks, we’ll complete your desired ring utilising high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Our pieces are durable and are made from solid gold and silver, with no plated base metals or gold fills. We’re so sure of the quality of our rings that they come with a lifetime warranty. Our products are also sustainable, being made from recycled materials. We plant a tree for every order placed and choose fairness throughout our supply chains. Our floral inspired wedding rings are unique in design and built to last. We love to incorporate botanical and natural elements into our designs, and we use a wide range of beautiful gemstones as well. 

No-risk Online Floral Inspired Wedding Rings Orders

We know that ordering important and expensive jewellery online can be daunting, which is why we work to make every transaction risk-free. International tracked shipping is free with each order, and each piece can be returned within 90 days if you change your mind, got the sizing wrong, or want to go with a different design. The lifetime warranty covers regular inspections, cleanings and polishing and any manufacturing errors. You’re guaranteed to be happy with a ring from Vinny & Charles. If you want a high-quality, handcrafted floral inspired wedding ring from a company with ethics that match your own, browse our collection and order your favourite.
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