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30 products


30 products

A Gold Wedding Band for Everyone

Gold has been sought after for millennia, with the rarity of this precious metal making it highly prized to be used to signify the most significant people and events. One of the most significant events of a person’s life is the day they take their wedding vows. A gold wedding ring is often the way this union is sealed, a phenomenon dating back to the Romans.

Gold is often used for jewellery as it is malleable meaning it can be worked into different shapes, but this can mean it can be easily scratched or lacks the robustness to keep precious stones in their settings. The solution to this is to mix an additional metal into the pure gold to gain the durability necessary to hold its form. Gold comes in different levels of purity with 24 karats being the highest level and signifying 100% pure gold. 18 karat equals 75% purity with 25% constituting another metal to make an alloy. These alloys produce the colours of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

At Vinny and Charles, we are experts in goldsmithing, and we produce some of the most innovative men’s gold wedding rings. Taking our inspiration from the great outdoors, we craft some of the most stunning wedding jewellery using motifs from nature. Our men’s gold wedding bands show a high level of workmanship and make a refreshing change from the plain gold rings which have traditionally been available.

Our men’s gold wedding rings come in a range of sizes, and in different levels of purity for white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. We craft each piece by hand in our studio, and we are happy to talk about customisation! We also produce a range of wedding bands in his’n’her styles, so that you and your life partner can symbolically show your union.

Gold Wedding Rings for Women

We create a wide range of rose gold engagement rings for women. We have taken inspiration from the natural world, with motifs such as the poppy, wattle leaf and monstera. Our aim is to produce a highly crafted ring which will last a lifetime. The organic shapes are flattering on the hand and are available in different purities of rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

At Vinny and Charles, we understand that modern brides may want something different and innovative when it comes to choosing their wedding bands. That’s why you may be pleasantly surprised at the range on offer, pushing the boundaries of wedding jewellery. Whether you are inspired by bold black diamonds or ethereal styles, we have something for you.

Most excitingly, we also craft matching engagement and wedding sets in certain designs, so that you have the perfect engagement and wedding ring which fit together, just how nature intended. If you have an idea for a bespoke ring, as unique as you are, we’d love to help you make that dream a reality.

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