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About Vinny & Charles

Vinny & Charles is a small, family-run jewelry business that is passionate about making real jewelry for real women. Using high quality materials and rare gemstones, set in unique, timeless designs, Vinny & Charles is dedicated to making luxury jewelry affordable, accessible and ethical.

We make contemporary fashion pieces, as well as fine jewelry, and in recent years, we have developed our work further to specialise in custom bridal jewelry, including unique wedding and engagement rings.

All of our designs are created in the Vinny & Charles workshop in Western Australia, but we cater to customers all over the world. We handcraft all of our pieces, using top materials and quality craftsmanship, but we believe in making luxury accessible to all, so we’ve cut out the middleman (and his markup), and we sell directly to you.

To us, materials matter - so you won’t find any plated metals, gold fills or cheap imitations with us. We use only solid gold and silver, and high quality, conflict-free diamonds, to make jewelry that is unique in design, and built to last.

Vinny & Charles was born out of a shared passion for creating beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that is unique, personal and suited to women who are independent, creative, adventurous, and appreciate quality. This passion is shared by South African husband and wife team, Chris and Melody, who combined forces in 2010, working on Chris’ jewelry business in South Africa. They went on to open another jewelry business together in 2016 after they moved to Australia, and Vinny & Charles grew out of this journey, transforming into a brand that symbolises Melody and Chris as individuals and as a couple.

Melody has a background in information management, but has been a small business owner since 2008, owning and managing businesses in the travel, photography and jewelry industries. Chris, who has been in the jewelry industry for over 15 years and is qualified in jewelry design and manufacture, also still runs his own jewelry business, specialising in art jewellery and luxury lifestyle products.

Together, as Vinny & Charles, they are committed to creating gorgeous, real and unique wedding and engagement rings, as well as contemporary fashion jewelry, making luxury affordable for the everyday woman.

Melody and Chris

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