Smoky Diamond Engagement Rings

Smoky Diamond Engagement Rings

Smoky diamond engagement rings are so contemporary right now. A step away from the traditional white or silvery look that many brides-to-be favour, these stunning stones make a real statement.
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45 products


45 products

Smoky Diamond Engagement Rings – So You, So Now!

There’s a hint of gothic, a suggestion of Victoriana, but reimagined into a modern cool look. Smoky diamonds are naturally tinted with shades of grey from a paler soft shade down to a deep intense hue. The light still enters and reflects from the facets of the stone but cast different shades of stormy greys. These beautiful gemstones can look stunning on their own or paired with white diamonds for a salt and pepper look. They can be set in all types of gold and platinum, with some ladies choosing rose gold for a uniquely modern design.

What Shades of Smoky Diamond Engagement Rings are Available?

If you are looking for smoky diamond engagement rings for sale, there are a few things you should know. The first is regarding the colour of the stones available. Because smoky diamonds are naturally occurring, each one is unique, created by the forces of nature and developed over time. Smoky diamonds are so-called because they appear on the darker spectrum of colour. There is a range of hues from fancy light grey with shades of cloud, soft grey and dove, to smoky grey with stunning metallic reflections of graphite and steel. The choice does not end there. Of course, there are other coloured diamonds available, but it is the secondary colours that can appear which is so enticing about a smoky grey engagement ring. Australia and other countries mine these diamonds in the hope of finding a smoky gem with perfect blue-grey or violet-grey tint, which are the most highly prized.

What Cuts of Smoky Diamond Engagement Ringsare Available?

When you choose to buy a smoky diamond engagement ring or any other gemstone wedding ring for that matter, you need to know which cut you would like. You will be potentially wearing this ring for the rest of your life so you should choose carefully. There are several popular styles which you may be familiar with. 

The classic solitaire is a single diamond set simply on a band of gold or platinum. It is timeless, classy, and understated. What does make a solitaire stand out is the quality and cut of the diamond so it’s important to choose as high a grade of gemstone as possible. 

Pave settings are for those who like glamour and showy sparkles. The ring band is inset with stones, meaning the ring on your finger will be a showstopper and not for the faint-hearted. Three stone rings are also very popular, with the main gem set with two smaller gems on either side. Halo rings have a border of smaller gemstones around the main stone, and bevel rings have the stone wrapped in its gold or platinum casing. The latter is good if you are looking for a contemporary and practical look.

Ring design can be more creative though, and through our innovative designs using a variety of different metals, such as rose gold, we can create a truly unique look for you. Smoky diamonds can look stunning by themselves, set off in rose gold or platinum, or contrasted with whiter diamonds for a perfect contemporary style.

Order Your Smoky Diamond Engagement Rings Today!

We would love to be part of your big day, so check out our range of stunning smoky grey diamond engagement rings, or reach out about a custom design and we will show you what stunning stones are available. You are distinctive and unique, so why not choose a unique engagement ring that reflects just that?
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