rose gold leaf wedding ring

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Rose gold is an exquisite colour for any jewellery, and if you want something more exciting than the classic gold or white gold on your wedding band, it’s the perfect choice. At Vinny & Charles, we have a selection of rose gold wedding rings to choose from.

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52 products


52 products

High-Quality Rose Gold Wedding Bands from Australia

Our wedding bands come in unique, nature-inspired designs that help them to stand out from the crowd of generic wedding rings. We also allow for a personal touch in the form of engravings and gemstone changes, so that anyone who so wishes can have a wedding ring that is one of a kind. All of our jewellery is handcrafted and made to order in our studio in Australia, but we also ship worldwide. If you want alternative jewellery that is both sustainable and premium quality, with a beautiful rose gold colour, come to Vinny & Charles.

About Our Rose Gold Wedding Rings

  • Our jewellery is made from the best materials using quality craftsmanship, ensuring high-quality products that are made to last
  • All our pieces are sustainable, often being made from recycled materials, using conflict-free diamonds and fair supply chains
  • Everything is handcrafted and made to order, with a fast turnaround time that will have your unique ring shipped 2-3 weeks after you’ve placed your order
  • Many of our rings can be engraved if you request it, as long as there is enough space on the design to allow for the engraving, and we can often switch out the specific gemstone to one of your choosing
  • Our unique designs are the perfect way of expressing your individuality and matching your personal style with an alternative wedding ring

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Getting a wedding ring that fits just right is important to ensure it remains comfortable and won’t slide off and get lost. We can accommodate all ring sizes from US 3 -10 ¾, and we have a ring sizing guide on our website where you can convert ring sizes from different countries and measurements. But how do you figure out what your size is in the first place? The most reliable way is to visit a local jeweller and have them measure your finger for you, ensuring that the sizing will be accurate. If this isn’t an option or you prefer to do it at home yourself, then you can do so too. Use a hemline or sewing tape to measure the circumference of your ring finger, also allowing for enough space that it can fit over your knuckle.We can also send you a plastic ring sizer which will help you to determine your size more closely.

Ordering Rose Gold Wedding Bands from Us

If you’ve found the rose gold wedding band of your dreams on our website, don’t hesitate to place your order. With a 90-day return policy, you have nothing to lose. Every ring also comes with a lifetime warranty covering things like manufacturing errors and regular inspections, cleanings and polishing. If you have any special personalisation or engraving requests, be sure to get in contact with us before you order so that we can ensure your requests can be accommodated. Worldwide tracked express shipping is included in your purchase, and the production time is only 2-3 weeks. Choose Vinny & Charles for the most important piece of jewellery of your life and order a rose gold wedding ring from us.