7 Unique Wedding Bands Alternatives for the Groom

7 Unique Wedding Bands Alternatives for the Groom

A wedding ring forms part of the commitment you make to your loved one in marriage. It symbolises the eternal love that you have for your partner and is a great way to show off that you are proudly married. Traditionally, this ring would be a solid band of gold, silver, platinum or other metal with minimal design. But what if you want to step away from tradition and choose a ring that showcases more of your personality?

Here are some of our favourite men’s alternative wedding bands to consider.

Hammered Men’s Wedding Ring

With a hand hammered finish, this ring is like no other. No two rings will ever be the same so if you are looking for a unique piece, the Hammered Men’s Wedding Ring is for you. Available in a range of metals including gold, silver and rose gold, you can customise this ring to suit your preferences.

Wide Wattle Leaf Wedding Ring

The Wide Wattle Leaf Wedding Ring is inspired by the great outdoors, this ring is perfect if you want to embody nature. Tailor made and hand crafted, you’ll appreciate every tiny detail that has gone into the creation. The leaf and flower pattern is beautiful to look at and unlike any other wedding ring that you’ll come across.

Wide Leaf Wedding Ring

If you are looking for a daintier wedding ring, the Wide Leaf Wedding Ring is the one to choose. A hand engraved leaf pattern breaks the tradition of a solid border and is sure to get heads turning. Available in a range of metals, you can create your perfect ring.

Rustic Men’s Wedding Ring

For a rustic design that will make you feel closer to nature, look no further than this stunning design. Hand crafted and made to order, there will never be a replica created of the Rustic Men’s Wedding Ring. Truly a one of a kind ring for a one of a kind man.

Dimpled Men’s Wedding Ring

Choose a ring that is as unique as your love with the Dimpled Men’s Wedding Ring. A far cry from the traditional plain band, this ring will showcase your personality whilst keeping you grounded with its nature inspired design.

Gents Eternity Leaf Wedding Ring

A gorgeous leaf design surrounded by a solid band, this wedding ring truly provides the best of both worlds. Incorporating both traditional and contemporary styles, this ring is the perfect blend. The Gents Eternity Leaf Wedding Ring with eternity leaf pattern will showcase your never ending love.

Wide Poppy Trio Wedding Ring

An intricate leaf and flower pattern, you’ll feel close to nature with the Wild Poppy Trio Wedding Ring. Standing out from the crowd, you won’t come across a ring even similar. A unique, individual, authentic choice of wedding ring.

Have You Found the One?

With our comprehensive selection of alternative wedding rings for men, there is surely something that has caught your eye. Remember, the ring will remain on your finger for life so it is important to find a design that you resonate with. Choose a unique male wedding ring that is as unique as your love for your partner.