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alexandrite engagement ring

05 Nov, 2020

Lab-Created Stones Provide Sustainable Jewelry Solutions

Precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies need to be mined before they are cut and set into jewelry. Unfortunately, mining practices can cause irreparable damage to the land. Some mining companies follow regulations, but even clean mining means that soil and water often needs to be moved in order to extract gem stones
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birthstone rings

12 Oct, 2020

The History of Birthstones

This month we're launching our latest beauties - the Birthstone Collection (yay!). So we thought we would give you a quick history of Birthstones. If you have ever given or received birthstone jewelry, you are following a tradition that dates back to the first century AD.
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green amethyst engagement ring

04 Mar, 2020

Five Unique Gemstone Rings

We get it, you want something a little different (and a bit kinder on the wallet too). Well, in this article we've put together some of our favorite non diamond engagement rings, and we think you're going to love them.
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Pink Gemstones to make you swoon

09 Jan, 2020

Pink Gemstones to make you swoon

If you're like us, you love something a little different. There are some stunning colored gemstones out there, and we love them. Let's chat a little about some of our favourite Pink Gemstones.
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